#WaddleOnRewritten was a machinima/motion-comic skit comedy series based on Club Penguin.

The production team had a public Discord server where anyone could join the team and be a part of the series, whether by writing scripts, recording video, editing, blogging, or making art and graphics.

Team members would login to Club Penguin and act out the script by moving their player around the game world, and convey dialogue by sending chat messages. The video recording of the performance would be sent to a video editor to trim down, add SFX, and often produce VFX.

Each month, the edited skits were compiled into an episode and published on YouTube.

Over the span of two years, the series amassed over 70K views spread across its 18-episode run. 25 skits were created exclusively for Twitter. Some episodes featured translations for Japanese, Portuguese, and Spanish.


Outside of the #WaddleOnRewritten series, I made a music video parody of Jingle Bells in 2013, and a retrospective on the video in 2020.

On the 10th anniversary of when I made my original Club Penguin account, I made one final Club Penguin video: a 10 Year Montage to bookend the journey.

2012-2014 Years

Many years prior, I made videos on the original Club Penguin. These videos were made on the fly with no scripts written in preparation, and were made with the help from my school friends.

#WOR Extras and other videos